Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MCOBA Annual Dinner - 2009

Hmmm..kat luar masih hujan. Kusangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengahari..Very familar, huh? Macam dialog dalam filem Melayu...Well, dah sampai penghujung tahun. Every year, around this time, every MCOBs (at least most that i know) tengah excited menunggu Annual Dinner. Ya!! MCOBA Annual Dinner. This year, our Annual Dinner will be held at Istana Hotel (mana lagi??) on December 12..

That is the time, when the Old Boys gathered (besides Old Boys Weekend) and show their new 'Aquisitions' (if any) off...(read:Wives, Girlfriends, Suits...etc.)...Lols!!

For me, Annual Dinner means BUSY..i will be busy with the preparation for the concert for the nite. For the past 17 years, i have been a part of the Concert Committee, so to speak. I have been on and off the stage ever since...Tiring....but FUN!
It all started in 1992.....first time nak join Annual Dinner..One nite, I was asked by Latt (Dato' Latt Shariman) to join him at MCOBA Penthouse. Little that i know, it was the first meeting of the Concert Committee..From there on, i have become a 'Ballerz'

In 1992, i played the role of a Cabaret Dancer..it was fun...i guess that was when 'A Star was born'..i didnt know that i could act...and i never looked back again

I have been a 'Sultan', 'Arab King','Newscaster','Minister','Malay Gheisa', and many other roles over the years..And the best of all, we were flown to Phuket for the weekend as a token of appreciation for our performance in 1995.

Names like Sallehudin Hashim, Hishamudin Rais, Rehman Rashid, Raja Petra, Tunku Ahmad Burhanuddin, Dr Ramlan Aziz, Ahamad Fauzi, Latt Shahriman and many others were part of the concert boys. Working with them had given me the utmost satisfaction. They are 'pros' in their own fields....