Monday, April 20, 2009

From Kuala Kangsar With Love...OBW 2009

Well, Old Boys Weekend is here has been 4 years since i last went back to KK to be with my brothers for our annual Pilgrimage...walking thru the Big School and being boys again.

The journey started on Friday the 17th from my office in Kelana Jaya..i drove with Akai (class of 82) in one car and Amir & Kondai in another..

We stopped for lunch in Ipoh..Nice nasi Beriani at Saleem Restaurant..the taste is still the same..

We reached KK at about 4.30 pm..went straight to Sudut Maut and greeted by TS Mac, Zain yusoff, Jeet, and other old boys. after a few cigs, we adjourned to KK safari resort to check in.

Shah was already at the resort when we arrived. So did Kayob. We check in to Melor Suite...hmmm...nice room..spacious...sure can accomodate 10 of us..

At bout 8 pm, I received a phone call from Botol & Anjang. It seemed that they are already at Tambun Inn..getting ready for the entertainment part for the nite..hehehe...those guys really did their part well..So, i had to rush to Ipoh....30 minutes drive to Ipoh..

Arrived in Ipoh at 8.30 pm and Anjang was already at the main entrance, waiting for me...macam VIP...siap ada orang tunggu kat entrance..And the rest of the nite is left for your imagination...hehehe...all in all it was a lucrative nite for me...The victims are the like of Leenyok, Kamal, Shah, Penyu, Kubad, Rik and Joel..sorry guys...better luck Next Year..

the nite ended at 3.30 am...thank to Kamal & Miang for persuading amir to stop whatever he was doing...

The next day in KK was as asual as any other OBW..had breakfast at The Wall of Tsung Wah...Nasi Lemak anak Makcik Capet (a.k.a Makcik Kemut)..the taste of the Nasi Lemak was still the same as 25 years ago...i had Nasi Lemak Jantan (with half telur) and Teh Ais..Noltalgic.. cuma the price had gone up ...dulu just 45 sen (Nasi 30 sen + Telur 15 sen)...Now, nasi RM 1, telur 50 sen..Rik had 3 nasi lemak & 3 teh ais....never mind...i paid with his money..

At 10, i rushed to Parit Buntar..had to meet somebody..after lunch i got back to KK, having to meet Mokhris who had been calling me since the day before...i was really touched to see almost everybody from my batch who came back to KK was in my room...the laughter , the jokes, really brought back the has been almost 25 years since we left Koleq..i have been longing for quality times like wished we could do it more often..

we stayed in the room until almost 4.30 pm as PokYa, Kubad & Isey had to play soccer against the present boys...

That nite, we had dinner at the KK Steak was not bad by the local standard..

Thank you Brothers for being there...OBW 2009


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

It must be great meeting up with old buddies. Lagi tua, lagi kita appreciate friendship, kan?

Abang Sejuk said...

kak Ja,

memang pun..those are my brothers for life..grew up together. Btw, how was the little girl's bday??